Fighting for our goals

I’ve often tried to condense what I want from life into the simplest form, so that it is much easier to focus and stay determined to achieve those goals.

You’ll hear many affirmations that include the words above:
Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Taking these words at face value can sometimes be confusing for people, or may feel unobtainable but I wanted to share with you what they mean to me, and why I use them as my target in life.

Everyone wants to be Happy. However being “forever happy” is quite simply an impossibility. If you are dealing with a rough time in your life it can be even more difficult to feel happy, or to find something to be happy about. When I am in this mindset, I don’t aim for Happy, I aim for satisfied. It removes all the ideas of having to put on a brave face, to fake a smile, and be ridiculously bubbly and upbeat, especially if your world is crumbling around you. Instead I aim for satisfied.
I ask myself “Am I satisfied with what I did today?”, or “Am I satisfied with how I used my time today?”
That way if the answer is no, I still have an opportunity to find something that will allow me to change that answer. Even if it means I have to finally tackle the laundry that I am forever pretending doesn’t exist.

Being in the Massage Industry, our own health is so very important, but there are times that we push through minor niggles or pains because there are so many other things going on in life that feel more important. Then I think about how important it is that I am around for my family. You can never be too cautious with your health. That’s not to say I lead the healthiest life that I can, sitting here at the coffee shop drinking a large caramel smothered brew. But I do take the time to pay attention to my body and investigate anything that I feel isn’t right. If I can, I try to do at leas 30 minutes of some type of movement a day that raises my heart rate, and finally the one our clients are tired of hearing from us, I try to drink as much water as I can stomach. Which isn’t a lot to be honest as I’m not a great fan of plain water, but if I can drink a nice glass of water before going to bed tonight, I will be satisfied (theres that word from before) that I’ve done something healthy for myself today.

Wealth, this is where you probably envision me as Scrooge McDuck, dreaming of diving off a High Dive into piles of glorious money. wouldn’t that be nice? Not really. Wealth to me doesn’t necessarily mean financial wealth. I simply take it to mean “to have”. I consider myself wealthy because I have many friends and family around me who love me. I have my beautiful daughter, I have my health and a home that keeps me safe and warm at night. My family and I don’t always get along, and boy does Moxie drive me up the wall sometimes. My house is just a simple private let, and I use blankets to help stay warm as energy prices continue to rocket. But I am lucky to have these things, as many people aren’t so fortunate. So there is where I see wealthy on my plans. Wealth and Fortune to means to have and be fortunate and I definitely consider myself to fall into that category. That doesn’t stop me looking up ridiculously expensive “Grand Design” Style homes in the area that I can only dream of ever owning, we all have our guilty pleasures and House hunting is mine.

Being Wise is something I think we all strive for. It’s not something we would ever say about ourselves I don’t think, but something someone may say about us. I try not to dwell on how people perceive me, but I do try to better myself every day and become more educated. Even if it is reading up on the news and maybe doing a few minutes extra googling, or searching through wikipedia to learn just a little bit more about the article I just read. My late brother in law used to always say “Every day is a school day” and he was absolutely right. If we aren’t learning something new every day, it’s been a bit of a wasted day. So this is how I strive to be wise.

That’s it. Four little words that I try to live by on a daily basis, to make me a better person, and to keep me focused and on on target. The last thing I’ll leave you with is this: When faced with a decision in life, and you don’t know what to do ask yourself if the decision you make will fall into one of the above categories. Will it make you Happy, Healthy, Wealthy or Wise, and if the answer is no maybe it’s not the right decision for you at that time.