One Minute Tips: Loyalty Cards

We all struggle from time to time encouraging our clients to schedule another appointment.

Here’s my quick tip on how to provide value to your services, and reward clients for their loyalty.



We often thing that Loyalty cards are more for Cafes and Coffee shops, but these are a simple, low cost way to encourage your clients to return to your Massage Practice, or Spa.
Create a 5 or 10 spot visit area on a business card, and each time your client receives a treatment that you feel qualifies, sign and date, or stamp the little window on the card.

Once they have filled in all the spots on the card, they can redeem this for a discount, upgrade or free service from you.
Easy Peasy.

Here’s the other great thing about these little loyalty cards, it means that your clients are ALWAYS carrying around your contact details. It makes it so much easier for them to refer you to another potential client when they can hand over your contact information right there and then.