One Minute Tip: Confirmation Calls

Tired of thinking you have a busy day ahead only to be disappointed because of no-call no-shows or late cancellations?

It’s time to think about adding confirmation calls to your daily routine.

When you are in the Service Industry, especially in the massage industry we essentially trade time for money so when someone disrespects our time by failing to show for an appointment we take it personally.

There are genuine reasons from time to time that would excuse people from failing to notify you that they can’t make a massage appointment, but generally most people have the ability to pick up the phone or send you an email to let you know they can’t make it.

Ways to reduce the number of no shows can seem a bit harsh, but you will weed out clients who do not value your services, and ensure that your appointments are booked in with clients who appreciate you.

Cancellation Policy:

Make sure that you have created a cancellation policy and make it as visible as possible.
Recite it when clients make an appointment on the phone, post it on your website, display it in your clinic and include in emails when confirming an appointment.

Here is an example of my own cancellation policy, feel free to use it as a guide for your own, or use it for ideas on how to build your own:

All cancellations or reschedules require a 24 hour notice or they may be subject to charges.

Appointments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge of half the cost of the scheduled service.

Appointments that are missed that neglected to give notice (no call, no show) will result in a charge of the full cost of the scheduled service.

We are contactable by email at XXXX 24 hours a day, and by phone on XXXX.
If no one is available to pick up your call, our voicemail system will kick in and all that we need is a brief message to let us know that you need to cancel or reschedule.

Should you no call, no show a new appointment cannot be booked until the balance of the previous appointment has been settled.

Notice I use the word “may” instead of “will” at the beginning, this is to allow some discretion with the policy. So use it, offer leniency if you feel the reason behind the no-show is genuine and make sure you are consistent in its implementation.

Confirmation Calls:

Although my clinic uses an online scheduling system, and if we have a clients email address they will receive an automatic email 24hrs prior to the appointment to remind them they are due for a massage, we still ensure that we receive a working contact number for each and every client.

The day before we will call each client and remind them of their appointment, it will give them the opportunity to cancel or reschedule if needed, but it also helps those who may be a little forgetful that they have made an appointment.

When a client confirms, we make a note on their account so that should they then fail to show for their appointment we have foundation for enforcing the cancellation policy.
If the client doesn’t answer, we leave a voicemail if possible and then also make a note on the account to confirm we left a voicemail.


I hope this helps you reduce the number of no-call/no-shows, they will never fully go away, but hopefully this will reduce them.