One Minute Tip: Add Value

When business is slow, or when you are just starting out and trying to build your client list, it can be very tempting to throw discounts around at every opportunity because it encourages people to schedule with you because it’s a bargain.

But once we start offering these discounts, it can be very difficult to stop or slow down these offerings and charge what we are really worth. This issue was highlighted with the emergence of group discount services like groupon, livingsocial, amazon local etc, and when therapists are offering 60 minute massages for £15 it can be scary to think about charging full price.

It doesn’t have to be, and you want to make sure that you attract clients who value your services and skills, and not just the discount you are offering so to do this you need to ADD VALUE.
You have to over-deliver on your clients expectations, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to do this.

You can do something as simple as alter your treatment environment to create a sense of luxury, sheepskin padding on your table, warmer rooms, or table warmers.
You could offer extras after the treatment, from home made infused water, fresh fruit, mints, just little things that show your clients that they are valuable to you and that these are little things that set you apart from other therapists in the area.

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