One Minute Tip: Update music often

Most of the time our clients enjoy the music/playlists we have in the clinic, but if you have been in business for several years and have had clients who have supported you this whole time, there comes a point where they have probably heard everything in your music library…..MANY TIMES.

It’s important we keep our music library fresh, and change things up a bit every now and again and coming into Spring is the perfect time to try something new.

Why not ask your clients for music that they would like to hear, although you will want to listen first before adding to the rotation for all clients just in case. Or you could create different playlists which are themed, to seasons, to massage techniques, to specific clients and then allow them the chance to choose what they want to listen to during their session.

Just make sure you always have your music license up to date, or are using license free music.

Why not consider using something like Spotify to let you try out different music styles, or to discover new music when you are feeling stuck.