One Minute Tip: Low cost fitted sheets

Do you like fitted sheets on your massage table?
Have you struggled with buying sets that have everything you need (fitted sheet, flat sheet, face cradle cover).
Are you frustrated having to buy each component individually?

I tried for the longest time to locate a UK retailer of the sheets I fell in love with when I practiced in the US. I couldn’t find them anywhere, and decided to swallow the shipping cost and order them from the US.
After a year, my clinic was getting busier, and I was struggling to keep up with the laundry to ensure I had enough sets for the clinic each day and decided to invest in some more. A lot had changed in that year though, and this time the cost to ship the same order of sheets was double the cost of the sheet sets themselves and I just couldn’t justify that.

After venting my frustration, I came up with a great idea of using regular sheet sets normally used for Single beds.
I located some nice sets that felt great to the touch and had a variety of colours but most of all were very nice to my wallet and I purchased a good 10 sets.

But there was the problem of the face cradle covers, thankfully my Mum likes to sew, and took on the challenge of taking apart an old cover that was due to be thrown away and using that as a guide to create new ones from the pillow cases from the sheet set. Even better, the pillow cases had enough material to create TWO face cradle covers per sheet set.

If you are on a budget, but looking for some new covers for your tables, this is a great way to do it.