One Minute Tip: Get a landline number

Clients need to contact us, and most often that will be by calling us, there’s just no way around that so they need a phone number to reach us.

For those who are Solo therapists, mobile therapists, or who work from our homes we tend to just give our mobile numbers as they are convenient, no need to get a new number, it’s with us 24×7.

But what happens?
We get those unwanted calls. You know the type. The caller is a bit sketchy, or a bit breathless. They ask questions you think should be pretty obvious, and they seem obsessed with knowing whether or not they NEED to be draped during the session. It’s icky, and now this icky caller has your mobile number.

The best way to reduce these types of calls (we can’t prevent them 100%) but a great deterrent is to use a landline number instead.
Some mobile providers offer a landline mobile number, which means that you can have a landline number for the business that can then ring through to your mobile.

There are some companies that would allow you to purchase a landline number specifically for business, but this can be cost prohibitive.

A great solution if you have a smartphone, is to purchase a Skype number. You can then simply run Skype on your phone, and business calls will come through that app. Skype allows you to choose a landline number based on region, so you can make it a very local number, or a number specific to cities that you may work, and it’s relatively low cost at around £12 for 3 months service.

If you are in the US, a great low cost solution for you would be to use Google Talk, which can set up your landline number, and it will forward to your mobile line. Google Talk can also record Voicemails, texts and can transcribe your voicemails for you.

So why is this a deterrent?
Having a landline number tends to offer the illusion that your massage business is bigger than it is. It will let people think that you are a large clinic or Spa, with dedicated offices/locations, and the idea of this visibility and scale will put off someone who is looking for services not appropriate to our profession.

Give it a try, stay safe, and go get those massage clients!