True customer service

Interesting lesson from the insurance industry today.

Received a letter about my car insurance renewal, and although the policy had only changed by about £2 a month (increase) I was almost tempted to just keep my existing provider and get on with things.

At the last minute I decided to do some research, and found an insurer who for the same price offered additional services such as breakdown and legal cover. All of which were missing from my existing policy.

Part of the renewal paperwork advises you to contact them if you do not wish to renew. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to let them know why I was going elsewhere, and allow them the chance to keep me as a customer.

I was surprised to find that this wasn’t the case, just “ok, you don’t want to renew? No problem, have a nice day.”

This is why people have to brand/company loyalty, because long gone are the days of customers feeling cared for by the businesses they frequent, and this matters more than anything in our industry.

I can gladly say that in my own clinic, I can count on one hand the number of complaints I’ve received since I opened the doors, to be honest it’s not too surprising, in most cases if someone isn’t happy with your service they just won’t come back.
But for those who do reach out to you to share why they won’t be back, this is not a lost client.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask for additional details about why they are leaving you. It’s the best form of constructive criticism that you can get. Open, honest and sometimes revealing as we can all get a little blinkered when we get comfortable in our work and may not notice things that may not be appreciated by others.

So think about clients who have raised concerns, or maybe a client who used to be a regular and suddenly no longer came to your business. Reach out to them, send them a “hey, we miss you” card. Start a conversation and show them you not only care about your business but that you care about THEM!
Now THAT is true customer service.