Keeping your practice cool in the summer

Speaking with a coaching client today, we realised that temperatures in some areas have been unusually high, which can pose difficulty when trying to keep your massage practice cool in the summer.

So when the temperature is on the rise it can often be difficult not only for you to remain cool and comfortable whilst performing a massage but also your client whilst they lay on the massage table.

Keeping the room cool:

Often opening a window is not an option in a treatment room as this can allow outside noise to filter into the room and impact the treatment. The simplest solution would be to use a fan in the room to keep the air circulating, and the room cool.
The white noise from the fan can be an added bonus, as white noise is known to induce relaxation.

Still not cool enough?
Why not try placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan. It will dramatically cool the air and keep some moisture in the air.


Ceiling fans, if appropriate are a great way to keep your treatment room cool and circulate the air but did you know that they can also come in handy during the winter? By reversing the direction of the fans it will push the warmer air down into the room whilst drawing out the cooler air.

Keeping the client cool:

Do you offer Hot Stone treatments in your practice?
Have you ever considered offering Cold Stone treatments?
Great for keeping over heating clients cool and refreshed. You can use your regular basalt stones for this, but if you want to purchase stones specifically for cold treatments there are a variety of glass and marble based stones at affordable prices that you can use.

Other solutions would include placing small towels into a cooler/freezer to cool them down and you could use them rolled up under the clients neck when supine.

There are cooling ointments that can be used topically, cooling gel eye masks or cool compress wearables such as leg and arm compression wraps or cooling headbands.

Working on injuries:

Have you considered using ice or cooling methods when working on clients with injuries?
A nice home-made solution is to freeze some water in a small polystyrene cup, then peel back about an inch from the top of the cup, and grip the cup and use the ice to perform the massage as you would with your stones.

Let me know your cooling tips and tricks, would love to know if there are any methods out there that I’m missing out on.
If you try any of these solutions above, let me know how you get on