Who do you think you are?

The Spice Girls asked “Who do you think you are?” And lately this question has been running around in my head. This is when I realised that it’s not about who I think I am, but about who YOU think I am. After all, here I am asking you to trust my knowledge and judgement relating to the Massage Industry, and even more importantly, I’m asking you to fork over your hard earned cash for the privilege.
You don’t know me from Eve. I could be some scary University computer intelligence written for some Science Geek’s final project. Thankfully I’m not. Surely they would give a computer better taste in music than the cheesy pop-antics of the Spice Girls.

You definitely don’t want to read through another boring Bio: “Hi I’m Sally. I live in Scotland with my Husband and daughter. I love to read beaches and take long walks in books.” It’s like a horrible, cringe worthy dating profile.

So rather than bore you with that, I’ll share with you why I launched Dynamic Bodywork Academy (hereby referred to as DBA because let’s face it, it’s a bit of a mouthful) and what I aim to offer the massage world. It’ll be like my own little promise to you as Students and therapists, which means I’m happy to stand behind my work, being accountable to deliver on goals and giving you everything you’d expect of DBA.

  • Why is Massage Education in the UK so loose and open to interpretation?
  • How can Therapists gain respect from the NHS and fellow healthcare practitioners?
  • What can we do to ensure a minimum standard of education throughout the UK?
  • Where are the research papers from UK establishments studying Massage?
  • Why isn’t there a Massage clinic in every town and city?
  • Why are we so unsure of massage here in the he UK?

Five years ago I moved back home to Scotland and these were the questions I started to ask myself, while at the same time trying to set up my own practice in a small town where the people aren’t exactly tactile. Let me tell you, these past few years have been rough but I love being a Massage Therapist. With the friends and connections I’ve made over the years I wouldn’t change that for the world. That’s not to say I haven’t encountered hurdles along the way. Sometimes I’ve tripped and could quickly picked myself up – and some have felt like a major wobble – but each stumbling block has taught me something new which I look forward to sharing with you. It’s important to me that as a community of therapists, we help each other to avoid the pitfalls and this ethos of community is at the core of what makes DBA such a special learning environment.

What you gonna do about it?

Did hear that sentence in a mafia like “Goodfellas” style accent? I did, because this is the way I want you to challenge me here at DBA. Like any business I’m here to solve problems, so the primary problems I aim to help you solve are:

  1. Meet requirements for Continued Education.
  2. Improve your Anatomy and Physiology knowledge.
  3. Introduce and develop advanced techniques for better massage results.
  4. Encourage business and marketing skills that may take you out of your comfort zone.
  5. Be involved in Massage Regulation and Industry standards improvement.

I’m going to do this by offering a range of classroom lead and online courses, and career coaching. All designed to ensure that you go forth as a confident and successful therapist in whatever Massage career you decide to pursue.

I love new ideas, am open to feedback and will always approach new perspectives with opens arm.


When you are having fun, you won’t even be aware of just how much you are learning, and it will suddenly all seem second nature to you. At the end of the day I am here for you, so it’s important to me that you challenge my material and my resources. Make me prove myself to you.

This is where I trust it, use it, prove it and groove it and show you how good I am.

No Spice Girls were harmed in the creation of this blog post.