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Certificate in Chinese Cupping

Certificate in Chinese Cupping
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Cupping has been proven as an important part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and is now firmly establishing itself as part of clinical care within areas of the NHS.

The objective of this practical one-day course in cupping is to give massage therapists a number of usable techniques that can be applied to treat many common and stubborn musculo-skeletal conditions with great effect.  This is an opportunity to learn how to combine the best of East and Western practices of vacuum cupping and fire cupping.

It is primarily used to treat many musculo-skeletal conditions, which makes it a perfect tool for massage therapists. We will use heat (for fire cupping) and suction to soften and relax the deeper tissues, which can relieve pain and make the accompanying massage much more effective.  Results can be quick and amazing for your clients, especially in areas of deep chronic tension, where even experienced massage hands can’t always get to.

Chinese Cupping Therapy Course Structure:

  • A brief introduction to the principles of traditional Chinese medical practise 

  • Correct assessment of the various conditions that can best be helped by cupping 

  • Safe handling and application and referral protocols where correct assessment is not possible 

  • How to apply the technique to a range of client types and adapt it for different tissue types around the body 

  • How to assess the success and progress of the treatment 

  • The benefits of creating an adaptable programme of recovery that will work with massage therapy and give your clients even more confidence in your ability to perform the treatment successfully

The principle of the way Cupping Therapy works means that when successful it does cause bruising where blood and fluid has been drawn to the surface tissue, to be later flushed by the body.  Bruises can remain visible for several days following treatment. 

Pre-requisites: This course is suitable for qualified therapists only, with an NVQ Level 3 in A&P and Massage such as ITEC or VTCT.  You must sign a form to confirm that you hold A&P and Massage qualifications as required and are professionally insured.

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